About Us

I have always been fascinated by cacao. As a mom of four, my love and interest in offering healthy food in my home lead me to the interesting path of cacao. For me, eating cacao is a habit, and for many years now, I have eaten it almost on a daily basis. Cacao is a product that feeds my soul, brings a smile to my face, makes a headache go away, and in my good days, brings even more joy to my heart.

My love for my family, my interest in a healthy lifestyle and my Mexican pride, got me into this adventure, where I wish and hope from the bottom of my heart that in the next few years we could position Mexican cacao as the best cacao in the world, and increase its consumption.

Also, through this project, we want to empower women, especially working moms who want to provide a better life for their families. We want to support Mexican women, from the sowing and harvest of cacao, its production and elaboration process, to its marketing and delivery of our bars. This project is a women’s project, with women—for the world.